Mum's Not Having Chemo

With unprecedented access to more than 60 of the world’s top alternative and integrative experts – from Japanese oncologists to Energy healers in Harley street – Laura uncovers what the alternatives actually are. Mum’s Not Having Chemo is an invaluable and uplifting resource. It is a book about choices. A book to inspire you to make healthy changes and to re-assure you that there is always hope.

"Mum’s Not Having Chemo illustrates that there may be multiple ways to eliminate cancer without radiation or chemotherapy, and that many diagnosed have done this successfully. But you must take charge! Laura Bond summarizes this very well: “Every cancer is different, every person is different and every treatment plan will be different. There are many paths to recovery, but through my research and interviews I have found that cancer survivors often responded to their diagnoses in a similar way: they shared a tendency to view their illness not as a death threat, but as a wake-up call, and they showed a willingness to embrace radical, positive change. While it might be tempting to bury your head in the sand, abdicating responsibility won’t help you heal. So rise up, read up and take the reins. The road to health starts with being fully informed.” This book—very well written and non-technical—describes her mother’s path from a diagnosis of ovarian and uterine cancer to wellness. An excellent source of information; highly recommended!"
"This is the book the world needs to change the face of modern health-care – an absolute must for anyone with cancer and their relatives and friends. Facing a diagnosis of ‘The Big C’ can be terrifying and for most people their treatment plan and daunting future path is presented to them as ‘fait accompli’. The author’s mother Gemma Bond chose a path less trodden and this book beautifully documents the emotional rollercoaster she went on and the physical challenges. Because Laura has a journalistic mind she has thoroughly researched and really dug out not only the facts and science behind alternative treatments and therapies, but she also gives us a very human approach from her experience of supporting her mum. Best of all she clearly lays out how to source these options and gives a realistic suggested course of action. This book is unique, and it’s also a brilliant resource for the currently ‘well’ – when it comes to immunity building and cancer prevention there is little to rival it. It’s moving, inspirational, informative and wonderfully uplifting all at the same time."
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Janey Lee Grace, Author of Look Great Naturally...Without Ditching the Lipstick
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